Golkar KBB Ingin Airlangga Hartarto Jadi Capres.

Golkar KBB Ingin Airlangga Hartarto Jadi Capres

Golkar KBB Solidly Aims for Airlangga Hartarto as Presidential Candidate

Partai Golkar KBB (Kabupaten Bandung Barat) is currently rallying behind the name of Airlangga Hartarto as a presidential candidate for the 2024 election. The West Bandung Regency chapter of the Golkar Party recently held an internal meeting to discuss the party’s political strategy moving forward. One of the key subjects was the upcoming presidential election, which the party sees as crucial to its future success.

The Golkar Party, which is one of Indonesia’s oldest and most significant political entities, has always been a major player in Indonesian politics. Its period of dominance was during President Soeharto’s regime, where it was the ruling party. In more recent times, the party’s influence has waned somewhat, but it still harbors significant political clout.

The party, in its meeting, believed that Airlangga Hartarto is the right man for the job of leading Indonesia forward in the coming years. The move comes after Airlangga has proven his competence as a minister and chairman of the Golkar Party. He has implemented several policies to strengthen Indonesia’s economic growth and create jobs for the Indonesian people.

Airlangga is a man with a wealth of experience in the political arena. He has held various high-ranking positions throughout his career, and his background in economics makes him a viable candidate for the Indonesian presidency. He holds a degree in economics from the prestigious Gadjah Mada University and an MBA from Monash University in Australia.

The party is currently in the process of lobbying other political parties to rally behind Airlangga’s candidacy. The hope is to create a coalition of parties with the same objective of electing Airlangga as Indonesia’s leader. Golkar KBB has already announced its support for Airlangga’s candidacy, and other districts and provinces will likely follow suit.

In addition to his impressive political career, Airlangga is also widely respected in the business community. He has a successful career in business and is a board member of several large corporations in Indonesia. His work in the private sector has allowed him to develop a keen understanding of how the economy works and how to create jobs and promote economic growth.

Golkar KBB’s move to support Airlangga’s candidacy is a significant moment for the party. It is a clear indication that the party sees Airlangga as a leader who can take Indonesia forward and create a better future for the Indonesian people. The party’s backing of Airlangga’s candidacy is likely to be a catalyst for other parties to follow suit and form a significant coalition.

The Golkar Party’s decision to back Airlangga’s presidential bid is based on his track record and achievements. The party believes that he is the right man to lead Indonesia in the coming years and steer the country towards a brighter future. The party is now in the process of strengthening its ties with other parties to create a formidable coalition that can take on other challengers in the 2024 presidential election.

In conclusion, the Golkar KBB has thrown its weight behind Airlangga Hartarto as its preferred candidate for the presidency in 2024. With his impressive track record and experience in the political and business sectors, Airlangga is a strong contender for the role. The party is currently reaching out to other political entities to create a coalition that can elect Airlangga as Indonesia’s next leader. This move will likely have significant implications for the country’s political landscape in the years ahead.

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